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Cause:  Every day is a celebration

See below for our every day chocolates or select one of the following options. 
What's the cause?  Don't need one... Let's say it's because it's a day that ends with "day"


Cause: Special Occasions

Don't see what you need here?  Contact us and we will help you find the perfect treat for your special occasion.


Selection of baby themed chocolates for all your baby shower and baby event needs


Contact us for your bonbonnieres, wedding and bridal shower treats or thank you chocolates and truffles.


This is the place to find the perfect chocolates for all ages birthday.  You don't see something you like?  Contact us and we will work with you for the best treat.


Selection of chocolates for your religious events:  Christening/Baptism, First Holy Communion, other...

Awareness Ribbon

There is a colored ribbon to raise awareness for any cause.  Find yours here...

Other Occasion

Have a special occasion not indicated here?  Contact us and tell us about it...  We are sure that we can find something that will suit your need.


We have had the opportunity to expand our selection and the way we make our chocolates and truffles over the years.  Aside from the standard allergies, we have been able to come up with creative and tasty treats for some of the most extreme restrictions. 
We do this because we believe that everybody deserves a treat in the form of a handcrafted chocolate or truffle. 
Give us a try and we might become best friends!


Special dietary restrictions

Have special dietary restrictions?  Contact us!  We cater to peanut/nut free, gluten free, milk free, soy free and vegan customers.

Cocoa Powder

Only the best chocolate

We only use Callebaut belgian chocolate and other high quality specialty chocolate.  Contact us for details...


Can we do...?

You have a special request?  Contact us and we will try to accommodate your need.

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